Biophysical characterization underpins research and development activities aimed at deciphering complex biological systems – from elucidating molecular interactions and cellular processes to developing more effective drugs and vaccines.

Understanding the appropriate biophysical characterization approaches is important in generating robust, high quality data sets that enable confident and informed decisions to drive bioscience research projects and drug development workflows.?

Malvern Panalytical provides relevant solutions through consultation, advocacy, applications expertise and a range of orthogonal and complementary analytical techniques, which enable complex biophysical profiles to be characterized and better understood.??

Our aim is to drive advances in biophysical characterization techniques by engaging and collaborating with life science researchers to improve the understanding of biomolecular interactions, and to accelerate the development of more effective drugs.?

Malvern Panalytical’s biophysical characterization solutions are relied on by our customers to deliver robust data sets, providing critical insights in the following fundamental areas:

Biomolecular interaction analysis

  • Affinity and function
    • Characterizing protein-protein interactions and biomolecule-small molecule interactions
    • Measuring enzyme activity and inhibitory function of hit and lead molecules
  • Solution Interactions and molecular stability analysis for early developability assessment
    • Screening critical stability attributes - conformational state, self-association, relative viscosity
    • Analysis platforms for small molecules, peptides, proteins and complex mixtures

Bioformulation stability profiling?

  • Driving formulation development – from conformational stability, monomeric purity and aggregate quantification, to higher order structure similarity assessment?
    • Understanding critical degradation pathways and developing stability profiles
    • Moving beyond monoclonal antibodies to novel protein-based therapeutics

Bioparticle characterization

  • Subvisible particles in formulations and drug products?
    • Extending characterization of particle size and concentration into the submicron range
  • Identifying non-proteinaceous particles and contaminants
    • Root cause analysis for product and process control
  • Characterizing extracellular vesicle populations
    • Measuring size and concentration of exosomes and microvesicles in native state conditions
  • Characterizing viruses, vaccines, and virus-like particles
    • Assessing size and concentration, total virus titer, identity, and stability and aggregation state

Серия Zetasizer

Серия NanoSight

Серия MicroCal


Empyrean Nano Edition

Серия Zetasizer Серия NanoSight Серия MicroCal OMNISEC Empyrean Nano Edition

Самые распространенные в мире системы для измерения заряда и определения размеров наночастиц, частиц коллоидов и белков

Характеризация наночастиц: визуализация, измерение размеров и концентрации

Микрокалориметры для характеризации биомолекулярной стабильности и взаимодействия

Передовые многодетекторные системы ГПХ (GPC/SEC)

Универсальная платформа для рентгеновского рассеяния

Подробнее Подробнее Подробнее Подробнее Подробнее
Динамическое Рассеяние Света
Анализ траекторий наночастиц
Дифференциальная сканирующая калориметрия (DSC)
Изотермическая титрационная калориметрия (ITC)
Гель-проникающая хроматография (GPC/SEC)
Гель-проникающая хроматография
X-ray Diffraction (XRD)